MaryFahlLoveAndGravityAlbum releases from Mary Fahl are not predicated on a yearly basis. Nor are they expected every other year.  If you’re a Mary Fahl fan, then you wait until she has a collection of quality efforts to provide. This year rings true with the release of the artist’s latest album, Love And Gravity. Love And Gravity does not disappoint.

Whether you came in with her affiliation with October Project, or having heard her “Going Home” from the film, Gods And Generals, or even acquiring The Other Side Of Time as a combination of the two entry points, you already know the beauty and uniqueness of a Mary Fahl composition.  With her unmatched contralto voice, a heartfelt piece of herself firmly attached to every song, and her bravery in tackling revered favorites (The Dark Side Of The Moon, where she brilliantly re-imagined the entirety of the 1973 holy classic in a ‘long to market’ release named From The Dark Side Of The Moon ), Mary Fahl gives everything to fans.

With Love And Gravity, not only does Fahl begin the new album with “Exiles (The Wolves Of Midwinter)”, which is a commissioned track for the audio book version of Anne Rice’s latest novel, The Wolves Of Midwinter, she goes on to provide a stunning cover of the Joni Mitchell essential, “Both Sides Now”. Now, not many can do “Both Sides Now” and get it completely right (music is a roller coaster ride into the heart of a song), but Mary Fahl appends her soul to the classic. (Yes, you do need to hear it!)

The rest of Love And Gravity is a collection of songs that are guaranteed to find their place somewhere in your life.  “Gravity (Move Mountains, Turn Rivers Around)” is a beautiful enchantment that centers on love.  “Siren” is a ballad that warmly recalls the beauty of her 2003 gem, The Other Side Of Time.  With her replication of what a siren might sound like in the dark nights of the ocean drift, the song ably haunts, and may actually be the best tune on the album.

The album contains ten tracks altogether.  None of them are filler; none waste tracks.  There is a song, and likely more than one (or two), that will take up residence within you forever.  For me, she’s hitting all the right notes.  She has for quite some time now.

Love And Gravity is a winner.


By MARowe