As I’ve steadily moved into an older age, I often looked back to glance at what I’ve musically listened to, been a part of, collected, and attended.  I’m extremely proud of the way I have been able to diversify my appreciation over the decades.  One style led to another, which led to another.  In the ’70s, as I listened to ambient offerings, which came, in large part, by way of ’60s-era progressive bands heard on FM radio, I found myself often going to classical releases.  Those fueled my intense love for many of the greats including Holst, Beethoven, Grofe, Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Philip Glass, and well, the list goes on and on.

As an example, listening to Tomita provided a search into the composers he re-imagined in his many RCA releases.  ELP provided their share of further exploration, as did Tangerine Dream, and many, many others.


However, in looking back, I realize just how many I’ve missed along the way.  In my aging years, it has become a top priority to not only continue hearing new music, but to look back and occasionally search who I may have missed along the way.  And there are many.  As a result, I have started to react as if I were still in the ‘good old days’ as I found a band that I may have remembered, brushed aside, or not heard of at all.

As always, I’m reminded of TAP readers, who generally share the same love of music as they have grown within much of it.  And, of course, there are the younger readers that come in to find something to listen to.

I wonder that if you do the same, or are thinking of “going back”, which band(s) would you consider giving the time of day to?  If you have started this project already, I’d be curious as to who you have chosen, and if will you go through their entire catalog to help supplement your currently defined loves.

I’m here to tell you it has been quite rewarding, if not extremely time-consuming.  However, we only get one crack at this, and I want to go down with as much music in me as is possible.

By MARowe

9 thoughts on “New Old Bands To Enjoy”
  1. I don’t make a point of seeking bands out but when I hear a song from a long lost band I will usually seek a couple albums out and give them a whirl. In many cases they get thrown on the pile in other cases I end up buying all their albums.
    Can’t name a band that I have done this with recently though.

  2. I’m going back to listen to old Byrds, Hollies, and Buffalo Springfield material. I have heard a lot from each in the past, but I think it’s time to dig deeper. I am also listening to Buddy Holly. I know this is older than the time period you mentioned, but I am really enjoying it!

  3. I’m a prog fan and being that of course some of my favorites are genesis,yes,elp,and king crimson just to name a few but one I missed out on and now I’m going back and buying their music is morse code,I’m 46 and missed out on the 70’s output of these bands but luckily I’m able to enjoy it now

  4. Funny you should bring this up – something in the air? But I really got into Deep Purple’s latest, What Now last year, but had basically wiped my hands of the band after Who Do We Think We Are? Being a Steve Morse fan, I started picking up the CDs he played on, and then starting going all the way back – and really enjoying all of them, right back to Burn It’s been really fun and rewarding for me.

    1. This is exactly what I was talking about. I have a long list of bands that I ignored, or simply did not have the financial resources to enjoy further than hearing on FM. I hope to filly expand on what little I know of Rock n Roll.

  5. Realizing that the great actor Mickey Jones (currently seen on television in the series “Justified”) was once one of the most prominent and ubiquitous drummers of his time and era, I sought out and revisited some of his truly ‘lost’ performances (not engaging his more well-known contributions to Dylan, et. al) – in particular his playing with Trini Lopez on the two infamous “LIVE at P.J.’s” albums. As a fan of Status Quo’s, UFO’s, Thin Lizzy’s and/or Uriah Heep’s live albums, to name but a few, those two ‘P.J.’s’ albums are right up there with the best live recordings of all times, due in large part to the outstanding drumming of Jones and the fantastic audience participation. Love hearing those cocktail glasses clinking in the background!

  6. Going back and re-listening to or getting more familiar with any artist often occurs for me while reading their biography. Case in point I’m reading about Tom Waits. Now I’m on the look out for titles that will complete my collection.

  7. Hi Matt,
    One group that comes to mind quickly regarding this question is Starcastle.
    Some of us were quick to call them “Yes” wannabe’s but in truth, they were a very talented bunch albeit for a short time. I would love to complete their catalog.

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