We all know that U2 is coming with a new album next year.  They have released a song, “Ordinary Love“, originally featured in the Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom film.  Hope it’s what you’re looking for from them.

I couldn’t embed the video so you’ll have to click this link.


By MARowe

One thought on “New U2 Song, Ordinary Love”
  1. God, it’s a pretty dismal song and if its an inkling of what the new album is going to be like I think it’s the final straw, they may as well be he Rolling Stones and just do the greatest hits as they haven’t done a decent song in the last 13 years. Unfortunately I heard too many people talking like this at Wembley on the 360 tour. They’ve got nothing to lose, why can’t they just let loose, I think they still have something fantastic in them but not this bilge

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