When Lou Reed passed away earlier, many fans took to the internet to provide a link to one of Lou’s best known song, “Satellite Of Love“, or even to provide their own, usually acoustic version of the song (this is Jester McCool’s version).

BUT…if you’re a fan of Morrissey, then you already know that it is his intention to honor Lou Reed with his own version of the song. And that will be available on January 28.

Rhino and Parlophone plan the issue of two vinyl sets to honor the song, both for that January 28th date. ┬áThe first vinyl single is the traditional 7″ and will be a picture disc. ┬áThe second vinyl issue will be a 12″, 180g-weight vinyl disc.

Either way, a Morrissey version of “Satellite Of Love” is something I wanna hear!


By MARowe