If you appreciated the folk-rock of the early ’70s (like America), then I have a band that you might find well to your liking.

The Paper Kites are a five-member folk-rock band from Australia with two EPs, and a full-length album to their credits (EPs: Woodland (2011), Young North (2012); CD: Stateside (2013)). Like some before them, they achieved their building acclaim via videos on YouTube, and the viral word of mouth that can sometimes power some to widespread notice.


The five members are Sam Bentley, and Christina Lacey, both high school pals who began writing songs together.  Shortly afterwards, they were officially joined by David Powys, Josh Bentley, and Sam Rasmussen to complete the circle.


The band has been busy with music, and touring.  They have begun to build a strong fan-base that will kave them known across the globe (for whatever that means these days), in a short period.  As gifted as the band is, I can only hope that they can manage to stay together for the next decade so that we can watch how such a band as this evolves.

I have to say that I’m completely mesmerized by their songs including the incredibly haunting, “Young”, which has a stunning video to accompany it (watch below).  After watching “Young”, I recommend “Bloom” (found in their official YouTube page.  You can also explore more at their website link.  If you peruse Facebook most, then here is the FB link.  I hope that I have pointed you toward a band you will like.

“Young” – YouTube link

What do you think?

By MARowe