Oh boy!  This will be quite interesting.  Why? Simply because there is a point where Foghat really did it right.  And while I’m afraid everyone will go for the hit, which was Fool For The City, I believe Foghat’s best lies elsewhere.

FoghatRockAndRollWhen the band emerged from the shadows of Savoy Brown, where all but Rod Price gave so much of themselves, they launched their own career with the release of their Bearsville classic, the self-titled Foghat.  That album gave a lot of fans of Savoy Brown immense joy that not only had they not lost the talented guys from Savoy Brown, they regained them in a an extraordinary way.

But, when Rock and Roll, their second album with the cover shot of a rock and a roll to ambiguously name the album, played, I was hooked in a big way.  Followed up by Energized, Rock and Roll Outlaws, and Fool For The City, Foghat claimed a headlining status that lasted for a while before their slide downward.

I couldn’t hang too well with the ’80s version of the band.  I bought the albums but just couldn’t get onto them.  Soon, their demise left us with an empty spot in our collective hearts.

Foghat - Return Of The Boogie Men (1994)

In 1994, the original line up of Dave Peverett, Rod Price, Roger Earl, and Tone Stevens, reunited to record an extraordinary comeback album that equals some of their best music.  Return Of The Boogie Men is a powerhouse of an album.  They toured that set (I saw them frequently.  Not only at their peak, but also on the Return Of The Boogie Men support tour).

I don’t know how many of you are Foghat fans.  Perhaps none of you.  Maybe ALL of you.  And I don’t know which album of theirs did it for you.  Again, I’m afraid it will be a lot of Fool For The City (a good call to be sure).  Not knocking the album.  I love it.  But I’m curious of your choices.

For me, it is Rock and Roll.  Energized comes in second, followed by the first one.  I then go with Return Of The Boogie Men, then Rock and Roll Outlaws, Fool For  The  City, Stone Blue.  Then onward, not so much.

What about you?  (and if you did’n know that Return Of The Boogie Men was an option, then I highly recommend it to you.

By MARowe

12 thoughts on “Foghat: Which Album Was Their Greatest?”
  1. Stone Blue… Their version of Sweet Home Chicago is worth the price of admission. The only Foghat song that tops that is Slow Ride of course but the rest of the songs on Stone Blue give that album the edge to my ears.

  2. Since you mentioned it, the only Foghat song that I really loved and hold in high regards after the Stone Blue album is Live Now Pay Later on Girls To Chat Boys To Bounce…. the rest of that album,,,,not so memorable.

  3. I wonder where the e-mail selection is that I was told was at the top of the page? Well, here it is in the meantime. Is anyone wondering why the latest John Mellencamp compilation is titled as a Volume 3 when there are not any other volume twos? This is pretty big deal to me to see how no one cares and the explanations that are given. The main one is that there are already two other single disc compilations already. But half of the same songs are found on this “ICON” compilation! Wow! What’s up with that?! (The full title is “ICON: Nothin’ Like I Planned – Greatest Hits Volume 3”). It seems like false advertising to say the least and just down right disingenuous.

    1. Mike, next to the search box – and to the right of, there are a series of icons beginning with a Facebook icon. Sandwiched between the Twitter, and Google+ icons is an email icon. That’s the one you can use.

  4. My favorite by far is Energized. Their version of “Honey Hush” gets the blood pumping and then “Step Outside” (who knew they could funk?) lays you flat. Every tune on this album is memorable. Only thing that keeps it from 5-star is the distortion on Lonesome Dave’s vocals on several songs.

  5. Energized is really hard to beat. Although their 2010 release, Last Train Home, is not what you could really call a ‘Foghat’ album, since it’s missing so many of the original band, it does contain some good songs and should get special mention just because the incredible Eddie Kirkland has a guest spot on it.

  6. A great band their first few albums were amazing and their all time classic Foghat Live, wouldn’t it be great with so many deluxe edition albums due soon,
    to release a special one of the live album, what do you reckon the chances? No chance

  7. Glad I was able to see the band on the Boogie Man Tour. Remember the night Matt…Talking to Lonesome Dave?

  8. I’m with you on the Rock ‘N’ Roll album, it’s my favourite too. It was my first introduction to this great band and the track Feel So Bad was it for me, I was hooked. I bought the vinyl LP way back in ’73 and of course subsequent cd’s/remasters. It still sounds as fresh and rocking as when I first heard it…. great band!!

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