If you thought, even for a moment that King Crimson has released more than enough material for their classic albums, you’d be wrong.

King Crimson is revisiting Red in a great big way with the UK release of The Road To Red.  The Road To Red will fill a box with 24 discs, 20 of them live music from their 1974 support tour in the US and Canada.  That’s 20 CDs of live Red-era concert performances.  That alone should awe you.

In addition to the 20 CDs, there is a CD with a new Stereo mix of Red, a DVD of concert footage, two Blu-ray discs containing a whooping selection of goodies including five complete concerts in hi-res Stereo, plus Red in hi-res Stereo and 5.1 Surround.

The set will complete with a booklet of memorabilia, photos, and other great things.

This massive box will release via Panegyric Records and is  scheduled for UK markets on October 14.

King Crimson RoadTo Red

The Steve Wilson remix of Close To The Edge by Yes has a release date of October 14 in the UK.  The set will be issued on two discs, a CD, and a BD (there will also be a CD and DVD-Audio set).  Many of us are completely excited about this reissue hoping that we get to hear new things on such a much-loved classic.  Don’t hold back.  This is a ‘must get’ album for Yes fans, and remember, Christmas is but a scant few months away.  Put it on your list.


EMI UK have a compelling 8CD Box set coming on September 30.  The set features the live performances of one of the most underrated bands ever, Be Bop Deluxe.  The set is called Be Bop Deluxe At The BBC 1974-1978.  The eight CDs quite literally provide a treasure of performances that include Peel sessions, BBC live shows, and Old Grey Whistle Test performances.  I’m all over this one.

Panegyric will reissue USA  from King Crimson in a CD/DVD 40th Anniversary Edition on October 14.


Steve Talia mentioned this new Robin Trower live set, State To State: Live Across America 1974-1980 in his recent Talia’s Overflow Notes.  In the UK, the 2CD album is scheduled for September 23 via EMI UK. This set will contain 24 previously unreleased live tracks.


Disc: 1
1. Twice Removed from Yesterday (Live – Philadelphia)
2. Lady Love (Live – Philadelphia)
3. Daydream (Live – Philadelphia)
4. Too Rolling Stoned (Live – Philadelphia)
5. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (Live – Philadelphia)
6. Day of the Eagle (Live – Philadelphia)
7. A Little Bit of Sympathy (Live – Philadelphia)
8. Bridge of Sighs (Live – California)
9. Alethea (Live – California)
10. Rock Me Baby (Live – California)

Disc: 2
1. Daydream (Live – Illinois)
2. Same Rain Falls (Live – Illinois)
3. Sailing (Live – Illinois)
4. Long Misty Days (Live – Illinois)
5. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (Live – Illinois)
6. Too Rolling Stoned (Live – Illinois)
7. Somebody Calling (Live – Oklahoma)
8. Bluebird (Live – Oklahoma)
9. The Ring (Live – Missouri)
10. Jack and Jill (Live – Missouri)
11. The Shout (Live – Missouri)
12. Hannah (Live – Missouri)
13. Victims of the Fury (Live – Missouri)
14. Mad House (Live – Missouri)

Snapper Records will release a live set featuring Marillion, Somewhere In London, with 2 CDs and a DVD-Audio set with Hi-res Stereo and 5.1 Surround.  This album is scheduled for September 23.

Marillion somewhere In London

By MARowe

9 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 08/21/2013 (UK Report)”
  1. I find it hard to believe that their is a significant market for some of these massive sets. 24 cds based on one album…. how many times would you want to listen to them? I know that I have some live bootlegs of some of my favorite bands. I have listened to them all maybe once or twice.

    Really psyched about the Close To The Edge 5.1 mix. I wonder if it will be officially released in the U.S.?

    The Robin Trower release sounds intriguing.

    1. Yes, it is. And a fine SACD it is, too. Still, die-hard Close To The Edge fans want every version of this album possible.

      1. I have the AF sacd. It is stereo only. This new release will be the first 5.1 mix of CTTE. To my knowledge only two Yes albums have been mixed in 5.1; Fragile’ and Magnification (both on DVD-audio).

  2. TomM – I’m pretty sure the Audio Fidelity SACD is not 5.1. The upcoming Steven Wilson remix will contain 5.1.

    Is there any word on future Yes remixes by Steven Wilson? The Yes Album??!!

  3. Marillion’s Somewhere in London is DVD-A?! Can you confirm this, please? I’ve heard it’s a 2CD/1DVD release and not a hi-res release.

  4. I do not the believe The Road to Red DVD contains live concert footage, as there has been no mention of it up to this point. It would be a HUGE selling point if there were footage. Crikey, that band was hot.
    Per dgmlive.com: “A DVD containing a high resolution stereo presentation of “USA” (in all mixes) and the new stereo mix of “Red”

  5. For Somewhere in London, this is from the Marillion website:


    Video: 16:9, NTSC Only
    Audio: 5.1 Surround, Stereo
    Region: 0 (Multi-Region)

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