There’s 3 big rumors going around (and a 4th which I could swear I’ve reported on before, but I can’t seem to recall):

1) Word is swirling around that there is going to be a title called Bob Dylan-The Complete Album Collection from Columbia/Legacy which will contain 41 albums.  Fourteen of the albums will be newly remastered.  Being thrown into the works will be a 2-CD compilation of previously released songs not issued on the original albums.  The rumored release date for this box set, which will include liner notes from Clinton Heylin, is for this Fall. (Hoffman Forum)

2) Somebody over at IMWAN spotted a blurb at a blog originating from for The Beatles-Live At The BBC Vol. 2.  It is claiming that the set is targeted for October 4 from UMe.

3) A rumor that had once swirled in the past which originated from the mouth of Don Was a few years back has now come out front in the possibility department.  Word is beginning to be discussed that The Rolling Stones-Sticky Fingers: Deluxe Edition is getting worked on and that there may be live material and  some newly added recording shine to old material from the sessions a la the previously released Exile On Main Street and Some Girls Deluxe Editions.  The early word is that a December release is possible. ( Forum)

4) Though I believe I’ve reported on this before, I’ll say it again just to be on the safe side.  And since I started off with some big heavies, I might as well add these not so insignificant guys in for good measure.  There has been a rumor going around that there will be a Super Deluxe Edition box set for The Who-Tommy for this 4th Quarter as well.
 So far, it is being spotted as a listing for the U.K., but the Buffalo Springfield Box Set is being reissued for September 9. (Hoffman Forum)

 A 6-CD/1-DVD/1-LP box set of rarities from the late Woody Guthrie called American Radical Poet is being released by Rounder Records on September 24 and is limited to a run of 5,000 copies. (The Second Disc).

An SACD hybrid of Dusty Springfield-Dusty In Memphis is coming out from Analogue Productions on October 4. (e-mail from Analogue Productions)

Finally, at least for this particular report, I wanted to pass along an after the fact piece of information for you in case if you want to take the chance and compare notes for yourselves.  A very interesting discussion has started taking place over at the Hoffman Forum over the newly released The Monkees-Headquarters: Deluxe Edition from the U.K. outfit Friday Music. 

A poster over there says that this new reissue may be a new mastering.  He says he can distinctly tell that there’s more bass response on this reissue compared to the Andrew Sandoval associated release from 2007 from Rhino.  Futhermore, word is included in the liner notes to this latest edition that The Monkees, More Of The Monkees and Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn Jones, Ltd., will be getting future reissues from Friday Music too.  It will be interesting to see if they garner attention for any sound differences as the new Headquarters version appears to be getting in the early stages. 

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  1. The potential of live material on a Sticky Fingers deluxe edition sounds very intriguing. In terms of studio tracks I’m not sure how excited I am for tracks with modern tweaks a la the Exile deluxe edition. If memory serves, there are a decent amount of tracks *out there* from both the Sticky Fingers and Exile On Main St. sessions.

  2. First off it sure is getting frustrating trying to figure out how to e-mail or communicate with anyone on this website. You all realize that not everyone is addicted I mean use social websites, right? I wonder how many people have been unheard because of this?

    Well, the point I wanted to get to is how no one can figure out the title to the latest John Mellencamp compilation that you all failed to notice while reviewing it over the past few months. That is the part of the title that says “Volume 3” when there is not a Volume 1 or 2. The full title is “ICON – Nothin’ Like I Planned: Greatest Hits Volume 3”. I have asked one of the last people to visit his website over the past few months (!) and they said that because this is the third “single disc” compilation that this makes it a volume 3. They then proceed to tell me why generic budget compilations are done. There is nothing wrong that at all but it still does not explain the “Volume 3” part of the title. Half of this compilation is already found on the other two “single discs” which overlap as well and I REALLY don’t think anyone ever considered those to be related in a series whatsoever. Nor does it make sense that this is somehow a follow up to the two disc compilation as it also overlaps in songs. Unless somehow maybe the songs are different versions but not only is there no indication of that but there was no mentioning of that by the “moderator” or whatever whoever it is that haunts discussion boards.

    1. Alex, there is an email button at the top of this site. I get, on average, 200 emails a day. I try to get back with folks, but this site is not all I do. And, I don’t remember saying anything about Mellencamp, at least not for a,while.

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