Just a quick note, lest you think I have abandoned ye!  I’m in transit to IL (finally).  As nature would have it, I’ve been afflicted with a very nasty cold.  In addition to her moodswings, our return to IL has been greeted by a spring blizzard (Storm Virgil), which has dropped 17 inches of snow in our path.  Most of our roads have icy conditions, and so we’re taking it slow. 

I haven’t abandoned you.  Merely on a small hiatus.  Cold, Flu, whatever, be gone!

By MARowe

10 thoughts on “Ohhh boy…”
  1. Figured you were making “the big move” when nothing new was posted for over a week.

    Good luck.

  2. Take your time and be safe, we are a very patient bunch.
    I have the white stuff on the ground and a cold in my head as well!
    Where is that damn groundhog?

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