BowieBy now, I’m sure that everyone has come across the news about the new David Bowie album.  Interestingly, there was no lead-up to it.  Just Happy Birthday, David (he just turned 66), and oh yeah, here’s the single from the new album.

In March, David Bowie will release his next album after a ten year absence.  The album will be called The Next Day.  But today, the song, “Where Are We Now?” is the real star.

After Lodger, I had difficulty with much of Bowie output.  I liked things here and there, but something seemed to have disappeared for me.  Until today.

With “Where Are We Now?”, Bowie seems to have put a foot back into the Low/Heroes period.  There’s still an identifiable difference, but the spirit of the song is quite there.

Personally, with “Where Are We Now?”,  I once again find David Bowie relevant.  And important.  The song carries with it a foreboding feeling, a sense of fear, and of concern.  And I cannot seem to get enough of the song.

The video itself is quite a visual accompaniment to the track.  I’ve included the YouTube post (in case you haven’t seen it yet).  Take some time to engage with the song.  Then come back here and let’s get us a discussion going on the track.

As for me, I’m completely in!

By MARowe

7 thoughts on “Bowie’s Latest Masterpiece”
  1. This was an incredible surprise considering he’s been incommunicado for 10 years. It just seemed like he quietly retired…as for his post Lodger output; I like Scary Monsters, but Let’s Dance, Tonight and Never Let Me Down are spotty. Which brings us to Tin Machine, probably the most underrated period of Bowie’s. Not only were both albums incredible, but I was lucky enough to see them twice and they were an amazing live act (as heard on Oy Vey, Baby).

    He lost me almost completely with Black Tie White Noise, but came roaring back with the mind-fuck of Outside. And the tour with Nine Inch Nails? Brilliant! Both Earthing and Hours were let downs (I’m still holding out for Contamination!) but you can take the best tracks off Heathen and Reality and make a great disc. There are also some great tracks on the unreleased Toy disc, some of which showed up as b-sides, other tracks leaked a few years ago. One song in particular to track down is the original 1982 version of Cat People (Putting Out Fire) which I’d put up there as one of his top 5 songs.

  2. I like the new song. The video is a bit creepy, but I can’t stop watching it! I agree with Brian about Tin Machine. Highly underrated. Hopefully, the rest of the new album will live up to what will certainly be high expectations.

    1. Interestly, Tony Visconti wanted another track as a lead-off single (don’t know which). Bowie overrode Visconti’s decision with the choice that you have heard. That gives me greater hope. Plus, there’s that ten years. Lots of material to choose from. I’m excited myself.

  3. I also read where Tony mentioned it is a rock album and the first single is the only “downbeat” track on it. He said he thinks Bowie “made a very smart move” to put out the slow song as the first single, as “the next thing you hear from him will be quite different.” He describes the album as part “classic Bowie” and part “innovative Bowie” (A little something to keep both extremes of his fan base happy).

    I really can’t wait for this album to come out. It will be interesting to see what David has created from everything he has absorbed from the world over the past 10 years.

  4. The Reality Tour was incredible, have the cd from that tour and Bowie is all over the map with his song selections, his take on “The Man Who Sold The World” is jaw dropping!

  5. Very excited for this. New song is excellent. I have high hopes for this. Keeping my fingers crossed. Even hoping for a tour.

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