Rhino Records will assemble a 10CD collection for Joni Mitchell (well, not FOR Joni as I’m sure she is probably displeased by this).  The set, to be referred to as, simply, The Studio Albums 1968-1979 encompassing the strong early career of our girl.  The set will be reasonably priced at $60 retail, less at the right places. This is yours on February 5.

Rhino will also deliver a heady product with the reissue of Rumours from Fleetwood Mac.  The US reissues will feature a 3CD Expanded Edition priced under $25, and a massive $100 issue of the title in a Super Deluxe Edition that will provide you with 4CDs, 1DVD, and 1LP.  Rumours, both ediitons, is being slated for January 29.


Atlantic Records will release Pedestrian Verse by Frightened Rabbit on February 5.

Eagle Rock will release Live In Wolverhampton featuring Glenn Hughes on February 12.

Eagle Rock will also release an interesting title from Mike Oldfield called Tubular Beats.  This title is planned for February 5.

Abkco Records will release vinyl LP for “Til Your River Runs Dry by Eric Burdon on January 29.

By MARowe

6 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 12/12/2012 (US Report)”
  1. Hmmm, $60? I wonder if they are remastered cds at that price. Rhino is notorious for reissueing without remastering.


  2. Hey Rhino,

    How about remastering “Mirage” and “Tango In The Night” with its b-sides and rarities instead of resissuing “Rumours” again and again and again.

  3. I also heard from another forum that Rhino had a verson of Fleetwood Mac’s Then Play On ready to go (presumably remastered) and elected not to release it. (Ugh)


    1. Joe, that ain’t the first. Columbia has finished SACDs for Rocks (Aerosmith), 5D (Byrds), while the belief is that Atlantic actually has a finished 5.1/Stereo DVD-Audio for Close To The Edge (Yes). And who knows what else might be available in the vaults.

      Personally, I’d love to see Hi-Res versions of Heroes Are Hard To Find, Mystery To Me, and Bare Trees.

  4. Hi
    I have the Joni Mitchell box. All the albums are in original card cover replicas – you need a magnifying glass to read the lyrics as they were printed on the inside of most jackets. Amazon UK was a really good price and beat the $60 by a margin. They are the last remasters done in the 90s I think – so the sound is the same if you have those CDs. I personally think it is worth it for the replicas (no booklet, no additional info), and I needed to fill spaces in my collection. However, if you are strictly going for the sound improvement, you might want to take a pass.

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