The great news is that Amazon is now posting purchase links for the Anniversary Edition of 2112, one of Rush‘s great albums.  Last week, we posted that this was a preparation.  I am now more than pleased to provide you pre-order links for several versions of the set that will include:

These sets will be made available on December 18.


By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Rush – 2112 – Anniversary Edition a Reality”
  1. OK, you announced this a few weeks ago (and scooped the world!). Rush’s Sound Engineer Richard Chycki has confirmed the 5.1 remastering of 2112 through a tweet. Amazon now has the links to pre-order.

    Why the *%$@ hasn’t the band made any official announcement on their website? What are they waiting for and why are they playing this like it’s some kind of secret.
    I love those guys but this makes me want to slap them.

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