And here it comes folks, the latest Rod Stewart…uhhh, album.  Yes, one that we have all waited patiently for throughout these many, many years.  And why would you want to participate in a Faces reunion when you can produce a fine holiday album like this one.  Ladies and gentlemen, appropriately on October 30, Verve Records will release Merry Christmas, Baby.  Enjoy!

Reprise Records have the new Neil Young album, Psychedelic Pill, scheduled for October 30 in both CD and LP formats.

Savoy Records will release The Gift of Rock by Smash Mouth on October 30.

Mercury Records will release CD and LP versions of Monster from KISS on October 9.

Steamhammer/SPV will issue a Limited Edition 2CD Box of Silverthorn from Kamelot on October 30.

Polydor Records have what could be described as an essential remastered reissue in their upcoming 45th Anniversary release of The Velvet Underground and Nico in 2CD standard, 2CD Deluxe Edition, and Super Deluxe Edition.  These releases are slated for October 30.

Virgin Records will release Pines by A Fine Frenzy, expected on October 16.

Hope On The Rocks by Toby Keith is scheduled for November 13 via Show Dog Universal Music.

MBM Records will release From Gainsbourg To Lulu by Lulu Gainsbourg on October 30.

Varese Sarabande will release Three Fates Project from the Keith Emerson Band on October 30.

Frontiers Records plan the release of Long Wave from Jeff Lynne on October 9 in Limited Edition LP, and the standard CD release.

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Let The Music Play: The Story of The Doobie Brothers on DVD scheduled for November 13.

On October 23, Inside Out US will release Genesis Revisited from Steve Hackett.

Niji Entertainment will issue The Very Beast of Dio, Volume Two on October 9.

Mobile Fidelity plan the Hybrid SACD release of Another Side of Bob Dylan on October 16.

By MARowe

7 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 09/12/2012 (US Report)”
  1. I have great respect for the Velvet Underground’s place in rock-n-roll history, but they can remaster that album a hundred times and it’s still gonna sound like hammered shit. Unfortunately since I stopped taking drugs, I can’t quite enjoy it in the fashion I once did.

  2. I’m detecting sarcasm about that Rod album?

    Yeah, I’m sure it’s a piece of shit too. Thanks for the good laugh, Matt.

  3. Yep Rod has pretty much squandered away what could have been his last productive years, putting out crap.

  4. Yes, but it’s great example of how complete shit sells. Commercially, it was a good decision. Motherfucker.

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