Steven Wilson has literally turned the market of remastering/remixing into a revelatory art form.  His last,  Jethro Tull song exquisite Aqualung, changed the rules of the game.   As of right now,  every Emerson, Lake & Palmer fan is chomping at the bit for the first two catalog long players that Wilson had a hand in.  Those two will be soon be followed by more ELP greatness, up through Welcome Back My Friends…   I myself anxiously await the new life that will be given to Trilogy.

But known productions often give way to wish lists.   It’s only natural that we would like to hear what the brilliance of the “new kid”  could unearth on albums we already revere.   It doesn’t hurt that Wilson’s forte is Programmed music.   And so,  I would turn all giggly if I ever read that Wilson would be tackling the YES catalog, especially Close To The Edge.  To hear what might surface from his work, even to just hear it in remixed clarity would thrill me (and others).

Why stop there?  What could he do for Wishbone Ash?  Others?  Actually, yes, I want to hear lots of my favorite music reassembled by his skillful hands (and ears).   While we’re here,  let’s compile a cool wish list for him to get to work on.

Hit the comments (before the hacker(s) do) and tell me what albums would come to life under Steven Wilson’s magic.

By MARowe

28 thoughts on “Steven Wilson-Fueled Wishes”
  1. Here are a few that I’d love to have SW remaster/remix in 5.1
    Rush – “2112”, “Hemispheres”
    ELO – “Out of The Blue”, “A New World Record”
    Yes – “Relayer”, “Close To The Edge”, “The Yes Album”
    Boston – “Boston”
    Judas Priest – “Sin After Sin”
    Kansas – “Leftoverture”
    Queensryche – “Operation Mindcrime”
    Ozzy – “Diary Of A Madman”
    Supertramp – “Breakfast In America”
    The list could go on but I will stop there. I’ve also steered clear of the obvious – Beatles, Stones, Sabbath, Zeppelin etc. but what the hell.

    1. I highly doubt Steven Wilson would remix any RUSH albums, since that job would go to Richard Chycki. However, everything else could be possible.
      Besides the albums listed I would love remixed albums from Van der Graaf Generator, Camel, and Procol Harum.

      1. Actually you’re wrong. SW himself stated that Alex Lifeson had asked if he would be interested in remixing their catalog a few years ago… Rush? yes. Yes? no, they aren’t his cup of tea…

  2. Hey, I just want him to finish the King Crimson catalogue that started all this. And, to record another Porcupine Tree album.

  3. Marillion’s first four albums would be outstanding.
    He also needs to finish the other three King Crimson albums and then he could add “Thrak” to that also.

    1. Actually, The 90’s Era KC catalog has been given to Jakko Jacksyk for the remixing. That comes from Fripp himself…

  4. My wish list would start with these:
    S/T – The United States Of America (1968)
    Heavy – Iron Butterfly (1968)
    Fifth – Lee Michaels (1971)
    More – Pink Floyd (1969)
    On Tour With Eric Clapton – Delaney amp; Bonnie amp; Friends (1970)
    The entire Young Rascals/Rascals catalogue

    Deluxe editions of each would bring a smile.

  5. Stuff that’s never been redone:
    First 5 Dixie Dregs albums
    Roth-era Van Halen
    Guess Who

  6. Richard Chycki has Rush’s catalog and then James Guthrie and Andrew Jackson is handling Pink Floyd’s remixing catalog.

  7. Renaissance: at least “Ashes Are Burning”, “Turn of the Cards”, “Scheherazade and Other Stories”
    Klause Schulze: “X”
    David Bowie: “Diamond Dogs”
    Tangerine Dream: “Rubycon”

      1. I great remastered/remixed box set would be the Bowie trilogy of Station To Station, Low and Heroes augmented with unreleased live material from those years and studio outtakes.

      2. I also considered Station To Station. Stratosfear was the first TD album I purchased, still have the original vinyl. Have an older version of the Sorcerer CD. It’s a bit raw sounding, unsure if it’s 5.1 material, how does the new version sound?

  8. The first three Crack the Sky albums: s/t, Animal Notes and Safety in Numbers.

    1. Wow, someone else likes (or even knows about) Crack The Sky. “Safety In Numbers” is on my all-time favorites list.
      If you aren’t from the mid-Atlantic region I’d be really surprised.

  9. Station to Station remixed (both stereo and 5.1) with live addition (whole Coliseum gig) has been released two years ago.

  10. Iceberg – Sentiments etc.
    Bruford – all three studio albums w Jeff Berlin
    Gong – the PM version with Holdsworth

  11. Bill B.,
    glad to hear from another “Crack” addict. I’m actually from Omaha, NE and was introduced to Crack the Sky in 1978 through an incredible little FM station in Muscatine, IA (of all places).

    1. Kevin,
      I live in the Baltimore area and at one time Crack The Sky was considered a major league band in this area. They got played on the local radio stations regularly. I am very surprised when I hear of anyone that knows of them that didn’t live on the East Coast.

  12. Here Steven Wilson lists his own list of albums he’d love to do a surround sound remix for. It’s as follows:
    ABBA: Arrival
    KATE BUSH: Hounds of Love
    PETER GABRIEL: Peter Gabriel (Security)
    MARVIN GAYE: What’s Going On
    JAPAN: Tin Drum
    JETHRO TULL: Thick as a Brick
    LED ZEPPELIN: Led Zeppelin IV
    MASSIVE ATTACK: Mezzanine
    NINE INCH NAILS: The Fragile
    PINK FLOYD: Animals
    PRINCE: Sign o’ the Times
    RADIOHEAD: OK Computer
    RUSH: Moving Pictures
    TALK TALK: Laughing Stock
    THE WHO: Quadrophenia
    XTC: Skylarking
    YES: Close to the Edge
    FRANK ZAPPA: Joe’s Garage, Acts I, II amp; III

    Kate Bush? Japan? Zappa? Yes please!

    1. Love this selection of choices! But I would be besides myself to get Close To The Edge from this new master of the audio.

      There is a completed DVD-Audio mix of Close To The Edge that we’ll never see (and hear)!

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