If you’re at all like me (and I hope for your sake that you aren’t) you’re running short on everything these days.  Time, money, sanity…space, I am trying to organize a collection of hundreds of CeeDeez into a small room and it has posed quite the challenge.  I’m not ready to give up on CDs just yet for my preferred medium, as opposed to ripping all of my music to digital files on a hard drive.  I like the artwork too much, I dig my CD player and the actual physical discs. I have, however, decided that I can live without the thick plastic CD cases, and I have hundreds of them.  Recently I stumbled upon a product that looked like it might solve my dilemma.
Stuff a sock in it… or it in a sock.  DiscSox.
DiscSox are a creative solution to your media storage problems.  Created to store CDs, DVDs, photos and other media, it helped me to get 75 discs into a footprint that was much smaller than what I would expect, and yet let me keep all of the accompanying artwork with the discs.  The DiscSox protect my music collection in durable and Eco-friendly little Integrated Poly fabric pouches.  The pouches are then placed into a tray that hold them upright and are easy to access and organize. The tray allows for flip file access in a front to back motion, much like the way they do at a music store, all while allowing me to see the artwork/covers for easy identification.
Sometimes I see a cover and I want to hear that music, so seeing the cover is important to me.  The tray I have is made of a strong plastic, there is another version shown on their website that is constructed of a powder coated aluminum. During the review I gave about 5 discs the “sneaker test” in which I gave a firm kick to the tray in order to test the product for ruggedness (okay, I tripped and accidently kicked a few over.  Are you happy now?)  The discs stayed inside their pouches and remained unscathed and unscratched.  No discs were harmed during the writing of this review.
Sock it to me baby!
I am so thrilled with the performance of my review sample that I will be ordering the black model and saying goodbye to another 75 plastic cases (donate or recycle them please!).  Please note that removing 75 discs as well as the booklets (the back insert will require dismantling the plastic case) is very time consuming.  Grab a stack-o-discs, grab a frosty beverage of your choice and then repeat said process until all sleeves are filled.  Several braincells were destroyed during the writing of this review.  I can assure you that the end result of your effort will be well worth it, DiscSox are the perfect solution to my media storage needs.  They are easy to use, visually pleasing, and preserve discs and booklets in an archival-quality and scratch-free method.  The MMDesign website can provide you with more details and photos, including some nice “before and after”photos, so please check it out for yourself!
Thanks to the DiscSox system I am no longer short on space. The sanity however…
–Douglas Bice

By MARowe

4 thoughts on “Review: DiscSox CD / Storage Solutions”
  1. I use DiscSox for years as a DVD (and now Blu-Ray) solution, but I’ve never ventured into the CD sleeves. The DVD sleeves are great, so I’d imagine the CD version are just as durable. But I’ve decided that a lot of my secondary level music (stuff I don’t worship, collect or haven’t listened to in over 5 years) can be ripped to Apple Lossless without me feeling too much guilt over losing the artwork.

  2. I’ve tried a lot of things over the years to reduce the footprint of my CD collection. I really appreciate the lead to DiscSox. I found the sleeves with free shipping for 13.95/25 sleeves through the obvious online retailer (but from a secondary seller). So I’m going to give them a try. Like BackStJoe, I have some categories that I can use to test the approach. I have a large number of CD singles, and a lot of Holiday CDs that take up too much room…if that goes well, I’ll keep going! Thanks again for the lead!!

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