Over the last week, we have lost a few luminaries of Rock.  And although I have become loathe to visit these things unless I seem forced to it, I feel compelled to drop a few lines this morning.  My words would be meaningless against the many that have already been written and so I’ll just say that the Rock atmosphere has compressed with just that much less in our lives that mattered for so many.

Robin GibbBee Gees (May 20), Donna Summer (May 17), Chuck Brown (May16), Donald “Duck” DunnBooker T & The MGs (May 13), Rob Doherty (May 5), Adam “MCA” YauchThe Beastie Boys (May 4), Tommy MarthThe Killers (April 23), and Greg HamMen At Work (April 19).

In many different and diverse ways, these individuals have touched our lives.  And now that they’re gone, they will be missed, especially for what was yet to come from them.

Rest In Peace, my friends…Rest!

By MARowe

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