Again, I want to thanks the many of you who have positively urged me to keep TAP going in whatever iteration it may find its new self in.  I opted to stay with the familiar style with a few changes.  During the “quiet” period, I gave some things some thought and came up with a few cool ideas that I’ll roll out over time.  The first, I’ll roll out right away and see where that takes us.

Regardless, here we are again, and here we go again…

If there are some things that are not working well, bring them to my attention.

By MARowe

8 thoughts on “Aaaaannnnd….Here We Go Again”
  1. Matt-

    VERY glad to see you decided to stick with it. Yours is the first website I check when I sit down at my machine for the first time of the day.

    Keep up the GREAT work!


  2. Tried to access this link but it does not work: tapsheet-release-notes-07082011-uk-report/

  3. Matt – haven’t been around as much, but really dig the site. Sorry for ongoing problems, nice to find a haven to hang and have someone that gets “Trilogy”, “Relayer” and the whole slew of amazing records we dust off time to time. A fun one for ya should be the merits and virtues of Asia’s “Astra” record – Mandy Meyer, Krokus on guitar?!? Dig that one out and give it a solid listen, brother. Love to hear you rip or respect that one. In any case, glad you can keep doing what you have to. Got a brother’s back :)

  4. Congrats on your site re-launch. Thanks for helping me keep up with those new releases. Hope great things are to come….

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