It’s still a sadness that pervades the fan base of The Cranberries with Delores O’Riordan no longer with us. But the band had become active over the past few years. One of the fruits of that was the previously mentioned acoustic and string quartet versions of many of the band’s popular songs. Among them are “Linger”, “Zombie”, and “Ode To My Family”. This album is Something Else and was originally issued back in 2017.

On August 3, BMG will release a limited green-colored vinyl 2LP edition of Something Else. The album will feature the three new songs that were featured on the 2017 CD and DD release of the title.

Something ElseThe Cranberries

LP 1/Side A
01 – Linger (Acoustic)
02 – The Glory
03 – Dreams (Acoustic)
LP1/Side B
04 – When You’re Gone (Acoustic)
05 – Zombie (Acoustic)
06 – Ridiculous Thoughts (Acoustic)
07 – Rupture
LP2/Side A
08 – Ode To My Family (Acoustic)
09 – Free To Decide (Acoustic)
10 – Just My Imagination (Acoustic)
LP2/Side B
11 – Animal Instinct (Acoustic)
12 – You & Me (Acoustic)
13 – Why


By MARowe