From 1975. the band, Crack The Sky, has supplied fans with a strong range of great music. and although the classic and well-done albums released by the band were lovingly appreciated by a tight fan base, the general public never found them. From the band’s first album, the self-titled 1975 debut of Crack The Sky, until their most recent, The Beauty of Nothing (2015), Crack The Sky has released sixteen studio albums and  few live sets, all with a largely intact original band.

On August 24, Crack The Sky will provide the devout fans with two releases, The first is a brand new album with twelve new compositions. Called Living In Reverse, it will be released via Loud & Proud Records and will issue as CD and DD. Additionally, the band will release a 12-track compilation that will feature re-recorded selections from the band’s vast 40-year catalog accumulation, which should be interesting. That new set is being called Crackology, and – thus far – will ONLY be released digitally (DD).

Living In ReverseCrack The Sky

01. Talk Talk
02. Living In Reverse
03. Raining Rain
04. Red Rosary
05. Hit
06. Big Dipper
07. I’m On The Radio, Mom
08. Jacket
09. I’m Alright Now
10. Bang
11. I’m A Good Man
12. Home Tonight

CrackologyCrack The Sky

01. Hold On / Surf City
02. She’s A Dancer
03. Ice
04. Robots For Ronnie
05. Nuclear Apathy
06. Lighten Up McGraw
07. Long Nights
08. Skin Deep
09. Hot Razors
10. From The Greenhouse
11. Rachel
12. The Beauty of Nothing


By MARowe