Cocteau Twins joined the post-punk years in 1979, and by 1982 were signed to 4AD. Their first album, Garlands, issued in 1982 and combined strange words along with a lush formulation of guitars in a dreamstate. The band lasted 14 amazing years and issued 8 full-length albums not counting a single collaborative gem with Harold Budd, and 11 brilliant EPs. Their singles output were less forthcoming with seven classic tracks. Among those are “Carolyn’s Fingers”, “Bluebeard”, and “Heaven Or Las Vegas”. Their breakup was a painful one with reconciliation seemingly impossible after the fact. (But, some of us can still dream and hope!)

On August 23, 4AD will reissue the collaborative The Moon And The Melodies, recorded with Harold Budd. The reissue will feature a new Robin Guthrie remaster from the original analog tapes, and will represent the title’s first time on vinyl.

This reissue of The Moon And The Melodies will be reissued on CD, DD, and black vinyl LP.

The Moon And The Melodies (2024 Remaster) – Harold Budd/Elizabeth Fraser/Robin Guthrie/Simon Raymonde
01 Sea, Swallow Me
02 Memory Gongs
03 Why Do You Love Me?
04 Eyes Are Mosaics
05 She Will Destroy You
06 The Ghost Has No Home
07 Bloody and Blunt
09 Ooze Out and Away, Onehow

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