Jackson Browne doesn’t need much in the way of explaining. His legacy lies in a string of top-selling albums from the ’70s forward (but especially during his ’70s peak period). His best-selling album is Running On Empty. That album spurred two singles, netted two Grammy nominations, and sold upward of 7 million copies. But this doesn’t mean his other releases were slouches. From his first album, he had consistently been in million-selling territories along with eight Top-40 (or better) singles. 

On September 20, a pairing with Rhino and Inside Recordings will celebrate the 50 years since the release of his second album – For Everyman. The album will be newly remastered (digitally) for this reissue but will not contain any extras outside the album’s original ten tracks. The original album art and presentation will be restored for this package. It’s a welcome edition for fans of the album and of Jackson Browne.

A remastered track – “Take It Easy” from the album (a Browne/Frey composition that became a big hit for The Eagles) is found below.

For Everyman will be reissued on CD, DD, and 180g-weight vinyl LP.

For Everyman (50th Anniversary 2024 Remaster) – Jackson Browne
01 Take It Easy
02 Our Lady Of The Well
03 Colors Of The Sun
04 I Thought I Was A Child
05 These Days
06 Redneck Friend
07 The Times You’ve Come
08 Ready Or Not
09 Sing My Songs To Me
10 For Everyman

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