Since 1977, Joe Ely has given music to a fan base. I came on the wagon in 1981 upon hearing Musta Notta Gotta Lotta (MCA Records) on a WXRT FM radio show. Since, I have paid attention to anything he might release. (Interesting note: Joe Ely sang backup vocals on the Clash single, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”. Rightfully, Joe Strummer was a fan of Joe Ely. It’s evident that Bruce Springsteen is also a fan (see below). Over time, Joe Ely has released sixteen studio sets, his last in 2020.

On August 2, Joe Ely will release his next studio album – Driven To Drive. This new album will deliver 12 songs, all dealing with being on the road to somewhere. Driven to Drive will be issued by his label, Rack ‘Em Records, where he has released his last five albums since 2007. The first single from the album, “Odds Of The Blues” is currently available and can be heard below. The single features Bruce Springsteen on vocals.

Driven to Drive will be released on CD, DD, and signed Limited Edition Orange Swirl Vinyl LP. Pre-order here.

Driven To DriveJoe Ely
01 Drivin’ Man
02 Odds Of The Blues
03 For Your Love
04 Watchin’ Them Semis Roll
05 Didn’t We Robbie
06 Nashville Is A Catfish
07 Ride Motorcycle
08 San Antonio Brawl
09 Slave To The Western Wind
10 Gulf Coast Blues
11 Driven To Drive
12 Jackhammer Rock

By MARowe