Fanny originated in 1969 as Wild Honey, renamed to Fanny after Richard Perry signed them to Reprise Records. Comprised of two sisters and two fine musicians, Fanny recorded five albums – 4 for Reprise Records, and one for Casablanca Records from 1970 through 1974. They disbanded in 1975. They eventually rejoined for small sections of time but the band as we knew them finished largely in 1975. They enjoyed a large hit with “Charity Ball” in 1971 from their second album. That album hit charts as did the 1972 follow-up, Fanny Hill. Fanny Hill had two singles.

On August 23, Cherry Red UK will release a 4CD clamshell box that will amply explore the Reprise Records years of Fanny from 1970 through 1973 that encompasses the four LPs issued via the label along with 38 bonus tracks. The bonus tracks collect demos, outtakes, singles, live performance tracks, B-sides, alternates, and more from each album period. A booklet with photos, notes from June Millington, Jean Millington, and Alice de Buhr, and featuring a UK discography is packed in with the box.

The 4CD box is called Fanny: The Reprise Years – 1970-1973.

Fanny: The Reprise Years 1970-1973Fanny

CD1 (Fanny – 1970)
01 Come And Hold Me
02 I Just Realised
03 Candlelighter Man
04 Conversation With A Cop
05 Badge
06 Changing Horses
07 Bitter Wine
08 Take A Message To The Captain
09 It Takes A Lot Of Good Lovin’
10 Shade Me
11 Seven Roads (First Version)
Bonus Tracks
12 Lady’s Choice
13 New Day
14 Nowhere To Run
15 One Step At A Time
16 Changing Horses (Single Version)
17 Seven Roads (German Single Edit)
18 Shade Me (B-Side Edit)
19 Badge (Live at The Bijou Cafe – Philadelphia)
20 Candlelighter Man (The Kitchen Tapes)
21 Seven Roads (Second Version)

CD2 (Charity Ball – 1971)
01 Charity Ball
02 What Kind Of Lover
03 Cat Fever
04 A Person Like You
05 Special Care
06 What’s Wrong With Me?
07 Soul Child
08 You’re The One
09 Thinking Of You
Bonus Tracks
10 Place In The Country (Second Version)
11 A Little While Later
12 Charity Ball (Single Version)
13 Charity Ball (Live in Cleveland)
14 Place In The Country (Live in Cleveland)
15 Back In My Arms Again
16 Lonesome Pine (Mother’s Pride Demo Session)
17 Old Milwaukee (Mother’s Pride Demo Session)
18 Place In The Country (First Version)
19 Queen Aretha (Wild Honey Demo Session)

CD3 (Fanny Hill – 1972)
01 Ain’t That Peculiar
2 Knock On My Door
03 Blind Alley
04 You’ve Got A Home
05 Wonderful Feeling
06 Borrowed Time
07 Hey Bulldog
08 Think About The Children
09 Rock Bottom Blues
10 Sound And Fury
11 The First Time
Bonus Tracks
12 Ain’t That Peculiar (Single Version)
13 Young And Dumb
14 Knock On My Door (B-Side Edit)
15 Tomorrow
16 No Deposit, No Return
17 Ain’t That Peculiar (Live in Philadelphia)
18 Borrowed Time (Live in Cleveland)
19 Hey Bulldog (Live in Philadelphia)
20 Knock On My Door (Live in Cleveland)
21 Young And Dumb (Live In Philadelphia)

CD4 (Mother’s Pride – 1973)
01 Last Night I Had A Dream
02 Long Road Home
03 Old Hat
04 Solid Gold
05 Is It Really You?
06 All Mine
07 Summer Song
08 Polecat Blues
09 Beside Myself
10 Regular Guy
11 I Need You Need Me
12 Feelings
13 Iā€™m Satisfied
Bonus Tracks
14 Summer Song (Single Version)
15 Wonderful Feeling (Single Version
16 Rock Bottom Blues (Original Version)
17 I Need You Need Me (Single Version)
18 Last Night I Had A Dream (Single Edit)
19 Rock Bottom Blues (Backing Track)
20 All Mine (Mother’s Pride Demo Session)
21 Last Night I Had A Dream (Live at The Bijou Cafe – Philadelphia)

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