Tommy Bolin came to widespread recognition after his induction into the ranks of Deep Purple after David Coverdale requested him for the band. Although Bolin was well on his way, it was Come Taste The Band with a popular group that elevated his name to superstar status. This lineup was short-lived for reasons that were personal to Bolin. Previous to this venture, Tommy Bolin had recorded his first solo album – Teaser. It was released in 1975, after Come Taste The Band was issued. Tommy Bolin released his last album – Private Eyes – in 1976. Tommy Bolin died not long after its release.

On May 31, Cleopatra Records will reissue the classic Teaser album with two extra tracks that are instrumental of completed vocal tracks from the album. The new set will feature new remastering for the release.

This 2024 reissue of Teaser will be released on CD, DD, and a Purple Vinyl LP (expected on May 17).

TeaserTommy Bolin
01 the Grind
02 Homeward Strut
03 Dreamer
04 Savannah Woman
05 Teaser
06 People, People
07 Marching Powder
08 Wild Dogs
09 Lotus
Bonus Tracks
10 Teaser (Instrumental)
11 Wild Dogs (Instrumental)

By MARowe