Released in 2004, the debut album by Keane gave us the hit single “Somewhere Only We Know”, and “Everybody’s Changing”, and two more singles to propel Hopes And Fears into the higher realms of album sales. From there, four more albums were issued. Now, the debut album celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

On May 10, Universal/Island will help Keane celebrate the anniversary of Hopes And Fears with a Deluxe set of the album that will offer a remaster of the album, and provide a strong collection of rarities, B-Sides, and collected demos related to the album. The package’s revised booklet will add in new notes, photos, and much more.

Hopes And Fears in its new Deluxe Edition will be made available in 3CD, DD, two Limited Edition color LP sets that will include 2LP package with two shades of blue, and a 1LP Limited Edition Galaxy Effect vinyl set with only the original album remastered. A 3CD/7″ vinyl Single Box will provide, in addition to the 3CD and vinyl single of “Love Actually”, a notebook, a numbered ticket replica, a printed envelope with 2 postcards inside, fold-out postcard frame, and a poster.

The webstore offers several bundled sets, one that includes a Somewhere Only We Know front door mat as part of the set along with a 7″ “Love Actually” single b/w “Love Actually (demo)”. Go here for those.


Hopes And Fears (20th Anniversary) – Keane

CD1 (Hopes And Fears Remaster – 2024)
01 Somewhere Only We Know
02 Bend And Break
03 We Might As Well Be Strangers
04 Everybody’s Changing
05 Your Eyes Open
06 She Has No Time
07 Can’t Stop Now
08 Sunshine
09 This Is The Last Time
10 On a Day Like Today
11 Untitled 1
12 Bedshaped

CD2 (B-Sides/Rarities)
01 Snowed Under
02 Fly To Me
03 Something In Me Was Dying
04 She Opens Her Eyes
05 To The End Of the Earth
06 The Way You Want It
07 Allemande
08 Walnut Tree
09 Love Actually
10 Wonderful River
11 More Matey
12 Get Away From Yourself

CD3 (Demos)
01 Somewhere Only We Know (September 2002)
02 Somewhere Only We Know (December 2002)
03 Bend and Break (April 2002)
04 We Might As Well Be Strangers (September 2003)
05 Everybody’s Changing (July 2002)
06 Your Eyes Open (April 2002)
07 She Has No Time (October 2002)
08 Can’t Stop Now (January 2003)
09 Sunshine (February 2002)
10 This Is The Last Time (May 2002)
11 On A Day Like Today (September 2003)
12 Untitled 1 (May 2002)
13 Bedshaped (October 2002)

By MARowe