When Emerson, Lake & Palmer hit the stage with their brand of electronics, symphonic, and Rock fusion, the world were excited to have them. Being honest, although they filled stadiums to the maximum, they only enjoyed a short run at it. From 1970 through 1973, ELP released 4 best-selling studio albums (and two live sets) ranked at the Gold status all. A break ensued and in 1977 they released a Works album that featured each of them on a self-journey with a side dedicated to the band itself. It, too, captured the fans along with a second Works volume, the smaller but equally effective Works, Volume 2. In 1978, they released their next album before the band resurfaced as Emerson, Lake & Powell. Carl Palmer, an essential member, returned for three final ELP albums.

Carl Palmer himself was as busy a musician can be. He gravitated to Asia for several best-selling albums, and worked other musicians. Mostly, he explored ELP as Carl Palmer Band before branching out further with Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy.

On April 5, Carl Palmer will release a boxed set that encapsulates his entire musical works that begin with Arthur Brown, moves on to Atomic Rooster, before laying down strong and resilient roots with ELP. His work with Asia, and subsequent works with his two name-sake bands incarnations are remembered as well. The box will remember with 36 tracks culled from all of those involvements. Included in the box is a BD that features a Carl Palmer-narrated documentary – The Rhythm of Life, that runs through his legacy with all bands.

The Boxed Set will contain 3CDs and the Blu-ray (BD) add. Along with these discs will be a 200-page autobiography hard-bound book. The Boxed set is being called Fanfare For The Common Man, and will be issued via BMG.

Fanfare For The Common ManCarl Palmer

CD1 (Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Carl Palmer & Joseph Horovitz)
01 Carl Palmer & Joseph Horovitz – Concerto For Percussion (Part Rock)
02 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – The Enemy God Dances With The BlackSpirits
03 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Bullfrog
04 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Toccata
05 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Close But Not Touching
06 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – LA Nights
07 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Canario
08 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tank
09 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Karn Evil 9 1st Impression, Part 2
10 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Two Part Invention In D Minor
11 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Fanfare For The Common Man

CD2 (Carl Palmer and various other band recordings)
01 The Craig – I Must Be Mad
02 The Craig – Suspense
03 Chris Farlowe – Everyone Makes A Mistake
04 Atomic Rooster – Friday The 13th
05 Atomic Rooster – Decline And Fall
06 Carl Palmer’s PM – You’ve Got Me Rockin’
07 Mike Oldfield – Mount Teidi
08 Mike Oldfield – Ready Mix
09 Asia – Heat Of The Moment
10 Asia – Wildest Dreams
11 Asia – Time Again
12 Asia – Tomorrow The World
13 3 – Desde La Vida (I. La Vista, II. Frontera, III. Sangre De Toro)
14 3 – Eight Miles High
15 Carl Palmer and the Buddy Rich Orchestra – Shawnee (Live)

CD3 (Carl Palmer Band ‘Working Live’ & Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy ‘Live’)
01 Carl Palmer Band – Carl Palmer Band – Bullfrog
02 Carl Palmer Band – Canario
03 Carl Palmer Band – Carmina Burana
04 Carl Palmer Band – Trilogy
05 Carl Palmer Band – Hoedown
06 Carl Palmer Band – Carl Palmer Band – Romeo and Juliet
07 Carl Palmer Band – In A Moroccan Market
08 Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
09 Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy – Jerusalem
10 Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy – Fanfare For The Common Man / Drum Solo

The Rhythm of Life documentary, narrated by Carl Palmer, with live & behind-the-scenes footage featuring: ELP, Asia, Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Carl Palmer Band & ELP Legacy, plus rare photos

By MARowe