The Cure, the darlings of the Gothworld, began their run with Three Imaginary Boys in 1979. They quickly amassed an adoring audience and put the band on the upward movement for albums to come. By 1985, they were selling millions and introducing an MTV-addicted New Wave audience to their music. By 1989, a full ten years after their first album, The Cure released Disintegration, which sold more than a few million copies worldwide.

Disintegration album delivered “Fascination Street”, “Pictures Of You”, “Lullaby”, and “Lovesong”, all to phenomenal success, cementing The Cure as a solid band for all to enjoy. By then, The Cure had also released two Live sets that performed well. Their next – Paris – was issued in 1993, a full year after its recording. It was less warmly received than its month-earlier predecessor (Show) despite the reality that it was as good. The Cure donated 50% of its royalties profits from Paris to Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement charities.

On March 22, Elektra and Rhino will reissue Paris with new 2024 remastering done by Robert Smith. The set will expand a bit with two previously unreleased tracks (“Shake Dog Shake”, “Hot Hot Hot!!!”). An expanded booklet is included. The reissue celebrates the album’s 30th Anniversary.

Paris will reissue with CD, DD, and 2LP pressed on standard Black vinyl.

Paris (2024 Remaster/30th Anniversary) – The Cure
01 Shake Dog Shake
02 The Figurehead
03 Play For Today
04 At Night
05 In Your House
06 One Hundred Years
07 Apart
08 Lovesong
09 A Letter To Elise
10 Catch
11 Charlotte Sometimes
12 Dressing Up
13 Close To Me
14 Hot Hot Hot!!!

By MARowe