The Folk Rock and Blues singer/songwriter, Tom Rush, has been with us since the infancy of Rock music, which is to say, he released his first album in 1962. since then, he has released eighteen works over that long period. Some of those were with Elektra, and some with Columbia Records. His last three albums were released via Appleseed Records, a label that caters to the Folk style of music. Tom Rush experienced his best received songs during a ten period period that embraces 1966 though 1974, a period that was entrenched in unrest and finding ourselves.

On March 1, Appleseed will release a new album from Tom Rush called Gardens Old, Flowers New. This was recorded a year ago and its 14 songs evaluate the life we live and learn by. The title was inspired by “the idea that many things in life – watching your child learn about the world, or falling in love – have happened millions on millions of times through the eons, but each time is always fresh and different”. It’s refreshing to have an artist like Tom Rush, and artists like him (Bruce Cockburn, and many others) still producing music that appeals to the fan that was with Rock when it first started. You may even remember the classic Tom Rush song, “No Regrets”, released in 1968 on his first Elektra set, The Circle Game (listen below).

Gardens Old, Flowers New will be released on CD and DD. Many thanks to Appleseed Recordings for giving a class act like Tom Rush a continuous stage upon which to give us more.

Old Gardens, New FlowersTom Rush
01 Sailing
02 Glory Road
03 Gimme Some of It
04 Nothin’ But A Man
05 If You Will Love Me
06 Lullaby in E
07 Toy Boat Song
08 One More Time Around the Sun
09 It All Comes Down to Love
10 Sienna’s Song
11 The Harbor
12 To See My Baby Smile
13 Won’t Be Back at All
14 I Quit

By MARowe