I know there are some strong Cocteau Twins fans in the house, but I’m often curious as to why they don’t have the super-following past the super cult following they actually have. But, nevertheless, if Cocteau Twins release, or in this case, reissue, something, I’m in. They disbanded after the Milk & Kisses album in 1996. They never revisited a reunion since. All told, Cocteau Twins have released eight studio sets, the last two with Fontana, the rest with 4AD.

On January 12, 4AD (which now controls the last two sets) will reissue both Four-Calendar Café (1993), and Milk & Kisses (1996). For these two, Robin Guthrie has returned to the taps and created new 24-bit remasters to bring out the gems that are on the album to further clarity. Other titles in their library have recently been reissued. This will be the first time on vinyl for these two titles inside the US market.


Four-Calendar Café, and Milk & Kisses will be reissued on CD, DD, and black vinyl LP.

Four-Calendar CaféCocteau Twins
01 Know Who You Are at Every Age
02 Evangeline” – 4:31
03 Bluebeard
04 Theft, and Wandering Around Lost
05 Oil of Angels
06 Squeeze-Wax
07 My Truth
08 Essence
09 Summerhead
10 Pur

Milk & KissesCocteau Twins
01 Violaine
02 Serpentskirt
03 Tishbite
04 Half-Gifts
05 Calfskin Smack
06 Rilkean Heart
07 Ups
08 Eperdu
09 Treasure Hiding
10 Seekers Who Are Lovers

By MARowe