The late ’70s was a birthing bed for much of the upcoming New Wave era (in all of its forms) in the early ’80s. Deviations from the bluesy Rock and Roll that dominated much of the ’70s began to fade in importance with many of the once great bands finding it difficult to sell as many records as they were once used to. One of the formed bands were known as Modern English. Started in 1979, Modern English released their first album in 1981 with Mesh & Lace, issued via 4AD. Their second set, After The Snow, arrived in 1982 via Sire in the US (4AD in the UK) and shot to Gold status energized by the single, “I Melt With You”. 

On February 23, the original lineup of Modern English will release a brand new album to be called 1 2 3 4. It will feature 10 songs and is said to carry the same kind of music they were well known of producing. Currently, the new album i being represented by two singles already in release. Both “Long In The Tooth” and “Crazy Lovers” can be heard below.

1 2 3 4 will be issued on CD, DD, and exclusive lemon-colored 180g-weight vinyl LP via their webstore (here).

1 2 3 4Modern English
01 Long in the Tooth
02 Not My Leader
03 Not Fake
04 Exploding
05 Plastic
06 Crazy Lovers
07 I Know Your Soul
08 Genius
09 Out to Lunch
10 Voices

By MARowe