Classic R&B band, Archie Bell & The Drells from Houston entered charts at an immediate pace back in 1968 with the hit, “Tighten Up”. It locked in at number 1 on the US charts cementing the band as a “pay attention to” chart-topper, which the band was all too happy to provide. Originally signed to Atlantic Records, the band eventually moved over to the Gamble/Huff label, Philadelphia International. Over time, they released eight albums, with singles to accompany.

On January 19, Cherry Red UK will release a 5CD Box set featuring the complete set of album releases that were on Atlantic Records and Philadelphia International back in their days of strength – 1968-1979. The new box will be appropriately titled, The Albums: 1968-1979. In addition to the albums, an additional CD of bonus tracks will be added in with sixteen extra tracks. A booklet will pack in with notes, photos, and the usual blend of fun things to peruse.

The Albums: 1968-1979Archie Bell & The Drells

CD1 (Tighten Up/I Can’t Stop Dancing)
Tighten Up
01 Tighten Up (Part 1)
02 Tighten Up (Part 2)
03 I Don’t Wanna Be A Playboy
04 You’re Mine
05 Knock On Wood
06 Give Me Time
07 In The Midnight Hour
08 When You Left Heartache Began
09 A Thousand Wonders
10 A Soldier’s Prayer, 1967
I Can’t Stop Dancing
11 I Can’t Stop Dancing
12 (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay
13 Do The Choo Choo
14 You’re Such A Beautiful Child
15 Monkey Time
16 Do You Feel It?
17 I’ve Been Trying
18 Jammin’ In Houston
19 Love Will Rain On You
20 Sometimes I Wonder

CD2 (There’s Gonna Be A Showdown/Dance Your Troubles Away)
There’s Gonna Be A Showdown
01 I Love My Baby
02 Houston Texas
03 (There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown
04 Giving Up Dancing
05 Girl You’re Too Young
06 Mama Didn’t Teach Me That Way
07 Do The Hand Jive
08 My Balloon’s Going Up
09 Here I Go Again
10 Go For What You Know
11 Green Power
12 Just A Little Closer
Dance Your Troubles Away
13 Let’s Groove
14 I Could Dance All Night
15 I Won’t Leave You Honey, Never
16 Dance Your Troubles Away
17 The Soul City Walk
18 Let’s Go Disco
19 I Love You, But You Don’t Even Know It

CD3 (Where Will You Go When The Party’s Over/Hard Not To Like It)
Where Will You Go When The Party’s Over
01 Don’t Let Love Get You Down
02 Where Will You Go When The Party’s Over
03 Right Here Is Where I Want To Be
04 Dancin’ Man
05 Everybody Have A Good Time
06 I Swear You’re Beautiful
07 Nothing Comes Easy
08 I Bet I Can Do The Dance You’re Doin’
Hard Not To Like It
09 Glad You Could Make It
10 Disco Showdown
11 Disco Fever
12 On The Radio
13 It’s Hard Not To Like You
14 There’s No Other Like You
15 Real Good Feeling
16 I’ve Been Missing You

CD4 (Strategy)
01 Show Me How To Dance
02 I Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love
03 How Can I
04 We’ve Got Something
05 Tighten Up At The Disco
06 Strategy
07 You’re The Only One
08 We Got ‘Em Dancin’

CD5 (Bonus Tracks)
01 A World Without Music
02 Deal With Him
03 Dog Eat Dog
04 Wrap It Up
05 Don’t Let The Music Slip Away
06 Get It From The Bottom
07 I Wish
08 Love At First Sight
09 I Just Want To Fall In Love
10 Archie’s In Love
11 Let The World Know You Got Soul
12 I Can’t Face You Baby
13 Let’s Groove  (7” Version)
14 The Soul City Walk  (7” Version)
15 Dancin’ Man
16 Old People (The Philadelphia International All- Stars)

By MARowe