Steve Hackett, the guitar virtuoso of Genesis before his departure in 1977 to pursue a solo career, has been in perpetual busyness. With 27 solo releases to his name, Steve Hackett has an unmistakable guitar presence that is hard to ignore. He has produced several live sets and has featured in collaborative works with other artists.

On February 16, Inside Out Music will present the newest Steve Hackett set – The Circus And The Nightwhale. The new album will feature 13 new Hackett songs, with one of the tracks currently in single release. That track is called “People Of The Smoke”; it can be heard below. The Circus And The Nightwhale will also be presented in 5.1 Surround and High-Resolution 24-bit Stereo on a BD-Audio set that is packed into the CD set.

The Circus And The Nightwhale will issue on CD, a Mediabook with 32-page booklet CD/BD, DD, and four versions of vinyl LP. The LP editions will feature gatefold Limited Edition Transparent Blue LP, Limited Edition Transparent Red LP, Limited Edition Blue Splatter LP, and standard Black LP.





The Circus And The NightwhaleSteve Hackett
01 People Of The Smoke
02 These Passing Clouds
03 Taking You Down
04 Found And Lost
05 Enter The Ring
06 Get Me Out!
07 Ghost Moon and Living Love
08 Circo Inferno
09 Breakout
10 All At Sea
11 Into The Nightwhale
12 Wherever You Are
13 White Dove

By MARowe