The name of John Lennon brings comfort to many. Lennon helped to pioneer Rock music through several stages of essential changes as a member of The Beatles. As a solo performer, he enjoyed a variety of music that included extreme avant-garde sets as well as important albums that left just as strong a legacy behind. One of them is Mind Games. Released in 1973, Mind Games had a high chart level hit with the title track. To history, Mind Games is an elegant collection of tracks. Not everyone was enamored of the album. Jon Landau, writing for Rolling Stone magazine called Mind Games “…(Lennon’s) worst writing yet”. The album will be a subjective approach for many, but for me, it was an album of enjoyment, especially in “Mind Games“.

In June of 2024, the Lennon Estate (with Sean Lennon as producer) will reissue Mind Games as a massive 72-song collection that will likely explore the album with demos, outtakes, and live performance tracks. The box will contain 6CDs and 2BDs, and will offer the original album in newer Stereo and Dolby Atmos mixes. That is all that’s known about the upcoming set. Nevertheless, it is a fun thing to know for Lennon fans, and especially those that appreciated the 1973 album. The set will be listed as The Ultimate Collection.

There will, no doubt, be LPs and single CDs made available as part of the celebration of the album. Watch for more news.

By MARowe