Gene Loves Jezebel is a band from Wales that made their mark in London in the early ’80s. After a few albums, rifts appeared between brothers, Jay and Michael Aston. It was Jay’s continuing version of the band that made the most impact with quality compositions and steady albums. The two are still at odds (or so it seems), and it has been a while since Gene Loves Jezebel has recorded an official album. Their last album was Dance Underwater, issued in 2017.

On December 1, Cleopatra Records will release a brand new Gene Loves Jezebel album (with Jay Aston, of course). This new album will be called X-Love Death Sorrow. It will feature 12 newly recorded tracks with the added extra of some of them being covers of songs from bands like Magazine (under-appreciated), The Cure, and a few others.

X-Love Death Sorrow will be released on CD and DD.

X-Love Death SorrowGene Loves Jezebel

01 The Man That Time Forgot
02 The Light Pours Out of Me
03 Serpent Queen
04 Broken English
05 I Breathe Easy
06 A Girl Like You
07 The Foolish Young
08 In Between Days
09 Young Girl
10 You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore
11 Lone Rider
12 Another Girl, Another Planet

By MARowe