Violent Femmes provided a grand display of Punk and Folk music blended and coming from middle America. For a strong period of 30 years (1979-2009), the band of four delivered a string of excellent albums. One of those classic early sets is their self-titled Slash Records issue. With ten songs, the album pleased critics and new found fans. The set sold upwards of several million copies worldwide.

On December 1 and February 9, Craft Recordings will celebrate the 1983 debut with a 40th Anniversary celebratory set of Violent Femmes. This new set will provide the original album remastered, a selection of B-sides, live tracks, and demos, and will provide a richly designed booklet with period-relevant photos, notes, band interviews, and an essay by David Fricke (sigh!).

The 40th Anniversary of Violent Femmes will be released in definitive form with a large 4LP (black vinyl) Deluxe Box that will include a 7″ vinyl single of “Ugly” backed with “Gimme The Car” on February 9. For December 1, a 2CD package is on the schedule. Also offered will be the Deluxe DD set with the same amount of tracks and scheduled for December 1.

(With thanks to Eric Larsen for the catch!)

Violent Femmes (40th Anniversary) – Violent Femmes

CD1 (Original Album Remastered/Demos)
01 Blister In The Sun
02 Kiss Off
03 Please Do Not Go
04 Add It Up
05 Confessions
06 Prove My Love
07 Promise
08 To The Kill
09 Gone Daddy Gone
10 Good Feeling
11 Ugly
12 Gimme the Car
13 Girl Trouble
14 Breakin’ Up
15 Waiting For The Bus
16 Blister In The Sun
17 Kiss Off
18 Please Do Not Go
19 Add It Up
20 Confessions
21 Prove My Love

CD2 (Live Performance Tracks)
Live at Beneath It All Café – Milwaukee, WI – September 12, 1981
01 Special
02 Country Death Song
03 To The Kill
04 Never Tell
Live at The Jazz Gallery – Milwaukee, WI – December 8, 1981
05 Break Song
06 Her Television
07 How Do You Say Goodbye
08 Theme and Variations
Live at Folk City – New York, NY – January 26, 1983
09 Prove My Love
10 Gone Daddy Gone
11 Promise
12 In Style
13. Add It Up (Live At Folk City, New York, NY – 1/26/1983)

By MARowe