Cocteau Twins were a unique band with a certain jangly and dreamy sound, all punctuated with the otherworldly and unique vocals of Elizabeth Fraser. Over the span of fourteen years, the trio released an essential nine albums (eight if you do not count the collaboration with Harold Budd on The Moon And The Melodies). The last was Milk & Kisses, and preceding that was Four-Calendar Café, both released on Fontana Records in the UK, and Capitol Records in the US, in 1993 and 1996 respectively. Cocteau Twins gave up the creative ghost never to return (thus far, but one can still hope) after that album.

On December 1, 4AD will reissue the original Fontana (UK)/Capitol (US)-issued sets that include Four-Calendar Café (1993), and Milk & Kisses (1996). These will be reissued on vinyl LP for the two albums for the very first time. Each pressing with be 140g-weight black vinyl. They will follow the original albums’ release art. Both albums are newly remastered by Robin Guthrie.

Exciting news for Cocteau Twins fans who also celebrate vinyl!


By MARowe