Madness entered the fray of changing music in the late ’70s with an immaculate album based on the developing Jamaican ska renaissance that permeated much of Rock for a bit. With New Wave forming, Madness and their style of music fit right in. They released One Step Beyond…, selling a million copies worldwide. The album released three singles, especially the best known title track. Issued on the trendy Stiff Records, the band did knockdown business for a few years. But by 1988, Madness (by then known as The Madness) broke up. They reassembled in part a few years later with several key members of the well-received band. Today, they still record and tour with much of the original band intact.

On November 17, Madness returns with a brand new album to be called C’est La Vie. The new album will feature a collection of 20 new tracks and is dynamically interspersed with prologue contributed by Martin Freeman. 14 of the tracks are songs. There are currently three songs off the album available as singles. I will include the title track below. (It reminds of the late Ian Dury!)

C’est La Vie will issue on CD, DD, and two versions of vinyl LP that include 180g-weight 2LP black vinyl, and Limited Edition 180g-weight 2LP Clear vinyl.

C’est La VieMadness
01 Prologue: “MrBeckettSir…”
02 Theatre of theAbsurd
03 If I Go Mad
04 Baby Burglar
05 Act One: “Surrounded on all sides..”
06 C’est La Vie
07 What On Earth Is It(You Take Me For?)
08 Hour of Need
09 Act Two “The damsel in distress..”
10 Round We Go
11 Act Three: “The situation deteriorates..”
12 Lockdown and Frack Off
13 Beginners 101
14 Is There Anybody Out There?
15 The Law According to Dr. Kippah
16 Epilogue: “And so Ladies and Gentlemen..”
17 Run For Your Life
18 Set Me Free (Let Me Be)
19 In My Street
20 Fin.: “Ladies and Gentlemen..”

By MARowe