Mick Ralphs was at the helm of two ’70s bands that, while they produced differences in acceptance, nevertheless provided a strong reverberation in the reflected music of the ’70s. Those bands were Mott The Hoople, and Bad Company. After a point, Mick Ralphs dabbled in personal solo work with four sets, (one with Mick Ralphs Blues Band).

On November 24, HNE Recordings (Cherry Red UK) will release a boxed set that will incorporate some previously unreleased tracks, Those will include demos, outtakes, and working mixes, twelve in all. One of those is a 1970 demo of the “Can’t Get Enough” popular Bad Company track that was written for Mott The Hoople (as was “Ready For Love”, which was actually recorded but shelved only to be resurrected successfully for Bad Company); another is an outtake by Bad Company (“Budgie”).

It is assumed that the recordings have been newly remastered for this box. One of the studio sets features all instrumental tracks. The 4CD Box will be known as On The Run: 1984-2013, Altogether there are 48 tracks for this box.

On The Run: 1984-2013Mick Ralphs

CD1 (Take This! – 1984)
01 All It Takes
02 Hey Baby
03 Take This
04 Give You My Love
05 Fast Travelling Man
06 On The Run
07 Last Chance Saloon
08 Rock Fever
09 When The Revolution Comes
10 Another Lonely Day
Bonus Tracks
11 Rock ‘n’ Roller (Previously Unreleased)
12 All Across The Nile (Previously Unreleased)
13 All It Takes (Working Mix)
14 Give You My Love (Working Mix)
15 In The Run (Working Mix)
16 Last Chance Saloon (Working Mix)
17 When The Revolution Comes (Working Mix)
18 Another Lonely Day (Demo)
19 Rock ‘n’ Roller (Working Mix)
20 All Across The Nile (Working Mix)

CD2 (It’s All Good – with Boz Burrell and Simon Kirke – 1999)
01 S.E.X
02 Barking Mad
03 Don’t Need Money
04 Jessica
05 Hideaway (Bad Company Live)
06 Jazz-Wah
07 Train Wreck
08 Large!

CD3 (That’s LifeCan’t Get Enough – 2003)
01 Under Pressure
02 For My Baby
03 Our Time
04 A To Z
05 You And Me
06 Hey Hey
07 Everybeat
08 Nobody Knows Me
09 Ain’t It Good?
10 Fool For Your Loving
11 That’s Life
Bonus Tracks
12 Budgie (Bad Company Outtake -1977)
13 Can’t Get Enough (Demo – 1970)

CD4 (Should Know Better – 2013)
01 Should Know Better
02 Born Under A Bad Sign
03 Just A Little Bit Of Love
04 Shame Shame Shame
05 Evil
06 Well Connected
07 Big River

By MARowe