Raise your hands if you remember Stiff Records’ Wreckless Eric. Best known for his single on Stiff, “Whole Wide World”, he captured the attention of the Punk world. Between 1978 and 1980, Wreckless Eric was an essential along with Ian Dury, Nick Lowe, and Elvis Costello although his fame never rose as high as those mentioned had. Over time, Wreckless Eric has released 8 studio sets.

On August 25, Wreckless Eric will release his latest album – Leisureland. The new album will feature 15 new songs, some of them instrumentals. According to his press, Wreckless Eric is feeling his mortality and a fresh air of originality as well. This album is the result of a new look at himself. For me, I cannot be more happier to see this coming out. 

Leisureland will issue on CD and DD via Tapete Records. A track from the new album is out as a single. You can hear “Inside The Majestic” below. He’s still the Wreckless Eric that we know and love. 

LeisurelandWreckless Eric
1 Southern Rock
2 Inside the Majestic
3 Badhat Town
4 Intermission
5 Standing Water
6 Standing Sunday Morning
7 The Old Versailles
8 Dial Painters (Radium Girls)
9 The Tipping Point
10 High Seas (Won & Lost)
11 On the Move
12 Esplanade By Moonlight
13 They Come Free With Cornflakes
14 Zoom (Glittering in the Sun)
15 Drag Time

By MARowe