John Mellencamp has enjoyed quite a career, especially with a string of 8 multi-platinum classics that have generated a number of hits, some of them #1s! If you remember “Jack & Diane”, “Hurts So Good”, “R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.”, “Small Town”, “Paper In Fire”, and other classics, then you are no stranger at all to the mystique of John Mellencamp.

On June 16, John Mellencamp returns with his 25th studio set. The new album, which contains 11 new songs, will be called Orpheus Descending. The album is preceded by a new single, “Hey God”, which can be heard below.

Orpheus Descending will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP (which will be delayed to July 21). Republic Records continues to keep his music coming.

Orpheus Descending John Mellencamp
01 Hey God
02 The Eyes Of Portland
03 Land Of The So Called Free
04 The Kindness Of Lovers
05 Amen
06 Orpheus Descending
07 Understated Reverence
08 One More Trick
09 Lightning And Luck
10 Perfect World
11 Backbone

By MARowe