I found the music of The Paper Kites quite by accident. My young granddaughter was going through YouTube videos and stopped at the amazing edit of “Young”. She called my attention to the band, and I became mesmerized by the song. After investigation, they became a constant for me. For those oldsters interested, think Jackson Browne, and Neil Young for a bit.

This Australian band are an extraordinary Folk-Rock band with five brilliant musicians and songwriters involved. They have five studio sets out with an additional (and no less amazing) 4 EPs! Earlier in the year, The Paper Kites began to release singles that lead up to their new set, to be called At The Roadhouse.

How At The Roadhouse came together is that the band in looking for a piece of property committed to a month-long residency at a small Australian store in Campbells Creek. The venue had a barn with vintage analogue recording in it and the band decided to play their music live and to record it in the studio. On Fridays and Saturdays, The Paper Kites swung the doors open wide to an enthusiastic crowd. The album that came from this visit is about to be given to the world at large.

At The Roadhouse will be released on September 1 via Sony Music. It will present a fresh new set of sixteen new tracks. The songs are familiar in their great style and feel at home. Enjoy three tracks below.

At The Roadhouse will be released on CD, DD, and several vinyl versions that include Sunset Burst and Cadillac Blue vinyl LPs in a 2LP package. Other packages include the CD, DD, and 2LP media along with a book bundle. There are also CD, DD, and 2LP packages with book and tee-shirt. You can order any of these here

At The RoadhouseThe Paper Kites
01 Midnight Moon
02 Till the Flame Turns Blue
03 Black & Thunder
04 Marietta
05 Rolling On Easy
06 Hurts So Good
07 Good Nights Gone
08 Burn the Night Away
09 June’s Stolen Car
10 Maria, It’s Time
11 Green Valleys
12 The Sweet Sound of You
13 I Don’t Want to Go That Way
14 Pocket Full of Rain
15 Mercy
16 Darkness At My Door

By MARowe