After a pair of albums recorded for Zappa’s Straight label (Warner Music), Alice Cooper (the band) recorded a stunning set with Love It To Death (1971). It was followed by Killer (1971), and then the breakout album, School’s Out (1972). They hit it even bigger with Billion Dollar Babies (1973) and spiraled out with Muscle Of Love (1973) [I personally liked the album!]. After that, Alice Cooper (the man) went on to solo fame. The legacy the band left behind was long-lasting and remains to this day, essential Alice Cooper listening.

On June 9, Rhino Entertainment will revisit both Killer, and School’s Out with 50th Anniversary Expanded and Remastered sets in 2CDs, and in 3LPs packages. Scheduled for Killer will be three bonus tracks – alternate versions of “You Drive Me Nervous”, “Under My Wheels”, and “Dead Babies”. The second CD will hold an unreleased live performance at the Mar Y Sol Pop Festival in Puerto Rico on April 2, 1972 which featured an unreleased song with “Public Animal #9” and much of Killer.

Scheduled for School’s Out will be with four bonus tracks that includes an alternate version of “Alma Mater”, and a demo of “Elected”. The unreleased live performance included in this set will be a May 27, 1972 show in Miami, Florida, just a mere few weeks before the band entered the studio to record School’s Out.

Both sets will be released on 2CD, DD, and 180g-weight black vinyl. The label is the familiar olive green one. The 3LP package for School’s Out will feature the original die-cut desk, and paper panties. The 3LP package for Killer will include the tear-out calendar. A preview from the School’s Album of a live track, “Be My Lover” can be heard below.

Killer (2023 Remaster) – Alice Cooper

CD1 (Original Album)
01 Under My Wheels
02 Be My Lover
03 Halo Of Flies
04 Desperado
05 You Drive Me Nervous
06 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
07 Dead Babies
08 Killer

CD2 (Live at Mar Y Sol Pop Festival – Puerto Rico – April 2, 1972)
01 Be My Lover 
02 You Drive Me Nervous
03 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 
04 I’m Eighteen 
05 Halo Of Flies 
06 Is It My Body 
07 Dead Babies 
08 Killer 
09 Long Way To Go 
10 Under My Wheels
Bonus Tracks (Alternate Versions)
11 You Drive Me Nervous 
12 Under My Wheels 
13 Dead Babies

School’s Out (2023 Remaster) – Alice Cooper

CD1 (Original Album)
01 School’s Out
02 Luney Tune
03 Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets
04 Street Fight
05 Blue Turk
06 My Stars
07 Public Animal #9
08 Alma Mater
09 Grande Finale

CD2 (Live at Jai Alai Fronton – Miami, FL – May 27, 1972)
01 Be My Lover 
02 You Drive Me Nervous 
03 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 
04 I’m Eighteen
05 Halo Of Flies 
06 Dead Babies 
07 Killer 
08 Long Way to Go 
09 School’s Out 
10 Is It My Body 
Bonus Tracks (Singles/Alternate Version/Demo)
11 School’s Out (Single Edit)
12 Gutter Cat (Single Edit)
13 Alma Mater (Alternate Version)
14 Elected (Demo)

By MARowe

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  1. It’s high time the Alice Cooper catalogue got some love. Looking forward to these.
    I hope they don’t skip “Love it To Death”. That would be a tragedy.
    I’m with you on Muscle of Love. Nothing wrong with that album.

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