Perhaps one of the most underappreciated bands of the late ’70s and early ’80s were definitely Daniel Amos. Sprung from a Country-flavored Rock band to a full-out Rock band that merged into a New Wave(ish) band. They released two albums in the style of The Band, following those up with a straight out Rock set – Horrendous Disc. After that, a different style was adopted for the popular four albums of The ¡Alarma Chronicles! that included ¡Alarma! (1981), Doppelgänger (1983), Vox Humana (1984), and Fearful Symmetry (1986), which found the band calling themselves DA for this release. The band released seven more albums through 2013.

A live set – Live At Calvary Riverside (1-18-81) was released on April 20 and will only be available as a DD. The set features seven tracks with an additional 4 that feature Terry Taylor talking to the audience. If you haven’t heard of Daniel Amos (or DA…or , as they later came to be called), I suggest starting with all four of the ¡Alarma! Chronicles as listed above. From there, you can explore forward and/or backward as you like your music.

There are those of you who already know and enjoy the peak period of Daniel Amos, this post is also for you. The album can be heard here. I’ve included two videos below to get the rest of you started.

Live At Calvary Riverside (1-18-81)Daniel Amos
01 Walking On The Water
02 Terry Talks #1
03 Baby Game
04 Terry Talks #2
05 Ain’t Gonna Fight It
06 Terry Talks #3
07 Hound Of Heaven
08 Terry Talks #4
09 Ghost Of The Heart
10 We’re Gonna Live Forever
11 River Of Life

By MARowe