Some of the greatest music to sit in the annals of Rock history have been written with Paul Simon‘s pen. From his amazing years with Art Garfunkel as Simon & Garfunkel to the wealth of solo albums and singles have all provided a museum of songs truly indicative of the times they were written in. Paul Simon‘s last album of original works was in 2016 with Stranger To Stranger.

On May 19, Paul Simon returns with a new album to be called Seven Psalms. With interesting inspiration drawn from a dream, Paul Simon uses acoustic music to relay his vision of the Book of Psalms. With Wynton Marsalis and Edie Brickel to assist, Seven Psalms will provide a 33-minute, 7 movement flow in 33 minutes of playback.

Seven Psalms will issue on CD, DD, and 140g-weight standard black vinyl.

Seven Psalms Paul Simon
01 The Lord
02 Love Is Like A Braid
03 My Professional Opinion
04 Your Forgiveness
05 Trail of Volcanoes
06 The Sacred Harp
07 Wait

By MARowe