New York Dolls may the name for themselves with their arrival in NYC. By 1973, they released their first album and the rest of their history would never be without mention. They gave two Mercury Records classic before reduced visibility left them open for demise. Although the band returned several times much later, Thunders was long gone.

On June 2, Cleopatra Records will release what is the first recorded album from New York Dolls. The album contains nine tracks, three of which did not make the Todd Rundgren-produced debut. In addition, the recordings were not made with Jerry Nolan, who features on the debut as drummer. Instead, Billy Murcia is the drummer.

This collectible “dress-rehearsal” album is being called Dawn Of The Dolls. It will be released on CD and DD. The album’s tracks have been remastered for this release.

Dawn Of The Dolls New York Dolls
01 Bad Girl
02 Looking for a Kiss
03 Don’t Start Me Talking
04 Don’t Mess with Cupid
05 Human Being
06 Personality Crisis
07 Pills
08 Jet Boy
09 Frankenstein

By MARowe