Luther Grosvenor might be a bit of a secret to some…but if you were a late stage Mott The Hoople fan, then you already know that The Hoople (1974) was the final album with Ian Hunter, and that it featured the guitar work of Ariel Bender. Ariel Bender was, in fact, Luther Grosvenor. Luther was a guitar player for Spooky Tooth, and for Stealer’s Wheel before taking the spot vacated by Mick Ralphs in Mott the Hoople. (Luther played on Stealer’s Wheel big hit, “Stuck In The Middle With You”; when you hear the prominent steel guitar, that’s Luther.) After his short time with Mott The Hoople, he formed Widowmaker, releasing  2 albums. But in between his Spooky Tooth, and Stealer’s Wheel gigs, he recorded and released a solo set called Under Open Skies (1971).

On April 28, Esoteric Recordings (Cherry Red UK) will remember the music of Luther Grosvenor with a remastered and expanded edition of his only solo set, Under Open Skies. The album will be provided with an additional 2 bonus tracks to give fans of Luther Grosvenor an unexpected treat (Luther Grosvenor, for me, was discovered as Ariel Bender on the album- Mott, and was easily recognized on the cover of Mott the Hoople‘s excellent Live album from 1974).

Under Open Skies will be given a booklet that includes new notes, photos, credits, and a new interview with the guitarist. It is being released on CD and DD. Luthor Grosvenor was an extraordinary guitarist and artist with a taste for the bluesy side of Rock. I advise you to check out some of his songs.

Under Open Skies (Remastered and Expanded) – Luther Grosvenor
01 Ride On
02 Here Comes the Queen
03 When I Met You
04 Love This Way
05 Waiting
06 Rocket
07 Under Open Skies
Bonus Tracks
08 Heavy Day (B-Side)
09 All the People (A-Side)

By MARowe

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  1. When this album came out in ’71, the song Ride On was a staple here on AOR. I bought the record and always liked it. Some years ago I bought a non-remastered CD, I believe on the Edsel label. I am looking forward to getting the remaster when it’s available

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