With the strong Slade revitalization BMG campaign going on, it’s nice to see once forgotten classic-era titles get deserved attention. that’s especially true where Slade is concerned. Their raucous style of Rock gave an energy to the music of the ’70s that easily carried into later period. Their music was loud, enjoyable, and without fluff. They were a UK hit machine with 17 Top 20 singles, and 3 number ones.

On March 3, the campaign continues with Nobody’s Fool, their 1976 gem that provided three singles (“Nobody’s Fool”, “In for A Penny”, and “Let’s Call It Quits”), and their 1983 set that gave two singles (“Run Runaway”, “My Oh My”) known as The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome (repackaged as Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply for the US market).

Nobody’s Fool, and The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome will be reissued on CD and vinyl LP. Nobody’s Fool will reissue on CD and on Transparent Clear and Red Splatter vinyl. The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome will reissue on CD and on Orange and Red Splatter vinyl.

Nobody’s FoolSlade
01 Nobody’s Fool
02 Do The Dirty
03 Let’s Call It Quits
04 Pack Up Your Troubles
05 In For A Penny
06 Get On Up
07 L.A. Jinx
08 Did Ya Mama Ever Tell Ya
09 Scratch My Back
10 I’m A Talker
11 All The World Is A Stage

The Amazing Kamikaze SyndromeSlade
01 Slam The Hammer Down
02 In The Doghouse
03 Run Runaway
04 High And Dry
05 My Oh My
06 Cocky Rock Boys (Rule O.K.)
07 Ready To Explode
08 (And Now The Waltz) C’est La Vie
09 Cheap ‘n’ Nasty Luv
10 Razzle Dazzle Man

By MARowe