For over 50 years, Pink Floyd has sat atop the Mount Everest of Rock popularity and importance. And with good reason. Their music has traveled the waves of time in as good a sense of relevance as any band has had a right. With the release of their timeless The Dark Side Of The Moon, which had undergone a series of upgrades including a well-received SACD reissue, Pink Floyd is one of few bands that has enjoyed top billing everywhere.

On March 24, Pink Floyd will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Dark Side Of The Moon with a brand new 2023 remaster that will include not only the original album in various forms of remixes, but also a Live At Wembley add in. The set will be packed into a Box that includes vinyl LPs, a richly designed 160-page hardbound book, DVD with 5.1 and Stereo mixes, BD with 5.1 remixes and high-resolution Stereo mixes, and a BD with Dolby Atmos 5.1 and high resolution Stereo mixes, posters, two vinyl singles, and more. These include specifically a CD/LP of the original album remastered, a CD/LP of Live At Wembley 1974 TDSOTM show, a music book of the original album, and assorted memorabilia.

There will be other forms of releases that will include single and double CDs, LPs, and DD. Watch this post for more details as they emerge.

The Dark Side Of The Moon (50th Anniversary Edition Box) – Pink Floyd

BD – Dolby Atmos
7″ Singles

By MARowe