As specific proof that music in the new ages can be just as compelling and wondrous as the golden era, there is Porcupine Tree. Begun in the UK around 1987 as the world’s music force weaned from New Wave and into the ’90s styles, Porcupine Tree became a force of inspiration. The membership included Steven Wilson (yes, THAT Steven Wilson), Richard Barbieri, and now current member, Gavin Harrison (since 2002). To date, Porcupine Tree has eleven studio classics. But it wasn’t until Lightbulb Sun (2000) that the UK began to solidify a more rabid fan base. Since, they have steadily gained in favor with The Incident (2009) becoming their most successful album worldwide. Before that, however, was the classic awakening with Deadwing from 2005.

On March 3, Porcupine Tree will revisit the Deadwing phenomena with a Deluxe Edition box reissue of Deadwing. This set will contain 3 CDs, and a BD. On those three CD discs will be found the 2018 remaster (by Steven Wilson) of the original album, a collection of B-sides, bonus tracks from the sessions, and a whopping handful of demo tracks. On the Blu-ray disc will be audio and video collections that include the original album remixed (2005) for 5.1 Surround (including four bonus tracks), along with an upgraded Stereo experience at 96kHz/24-bit. The BD will add in a ‘making of’ documentary (Never Stop The Car On A Drive In The Dark), a video of “Lazarus”, and a remixed 2005 Rockpalast broadcast.

Inside the boxed set will be a 108-page book filled with everything you could imagine for an in-depth tome. You can go to Burning Shed for the pre-order here.

Deadwing (Deluxe Box with 2018 Remaster) – Porcupine Tree

CD1 (Deadwing – 2018 remaster)
01 Deadwing
02 Shallow
03 Lazarus
04 Halo
05 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
06 Mellotron Scratch
07 Open Car
08 Start Of Something Beautiful
09 Glass Arm Shattering

CD2 (B-sides)
01 Revenant
02 So Called Friend
03 Shesmovedon
04 Mother And Child Divided
05 Half Light

CD3 (Demos)
01 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
02 Godfearing
03 Lazarus
04 Open Car
05 Vapour Trails
06 Shallow
07 Deadwing
08 Mother And Child Divided
09 Instrumental Demo
10 Halo
11 Instrumental Demo 2
12 So Called Friend
13 Glass Arm Jam

BD (Documentary Film / Rockpalast Broadcast / Extras)
Documentary (54.20 minutes)
01 Never Stop the Car on a Drive in the Dark
02 Lazarus
Deadwing Collection
03 Deadwing (Full album Remastered 96kHz/24-bit LPCM Stereo)
04 Deadwing B-sides (96/24 LPCM Stereo)
05 Deadwing (Full album remixed for 5.1 Surround (including 4 bonus tracks) 48kHz/24-bit)
Bonus Track 5.1 Surround B-sides Remixes
a) Revenant
b) Mother and Child Divided
c) Half-Light
d) Shesmovedon
Rockpalast WDR-TV Broadcast – 2005
07 Intro
08 Blackest Eyes
09 Lazarus
10 Futile
11 Interview
12 Mother And Child Divided
13 So Called Friend
14 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
15 Sound Of Muzak
16 Interview 2
17 Start Of Something Beautiful
18 Halo
19 Interview 3
20 Radioactive Toy
21 Trains

By MARowe