Wilco, a band based in Chicago who has released a string of well-received albums since 1995. With a devoted base of fans, and eleven studio sets, Wilco continues to make the kind of music that pleases.

On January 20, Wilco will bring their once digitally released album, Cruel Country to the physical realm with 2CD and 2LP sets. The LPs will be released on 2LP standard black, and a limited edition Red, White, and Blue Frosted color vinyl LPs with only 5000 copies planned.

For fans of the physical touch, Wilco is here to please.

Cruel CountryWilco

01 I Am My Mother
02 Cruel Country
03 Hints
04 Ambulance
05 The Empty Condor
06 Tonight’s The Day
07 All Across The World
08 Darkness Is Cheap
09 Bird Without A Tail / Base Of My Skull
10 Tired Of Taking It Out On You
11 The Universe

01 Many Worlds
02 Hearts Hard To Find
03 Falling Apart (Right Now)
04 Please Be Wrong
05 Story To Tell
06 A Lifetime To Find
07 Country Song Upside-down
08 Mystery Binds
09 Sad Kind of Way
10 The Plains

By MARowe